Relax Retreat Program

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    Feeling like life's rushing by?
    Can't seem to hit the brakes?

    Constantly in motion, always running from one thing to the next. Without a moment to pause, reflect, and reset, your days blend into one another. In times like these, it's essential to break free from the routine and realign yourself with what truly matters.

    What's Included

    Sanctuary for busy minds

    1. Center yourself by nurturing your body and mind.
    2. Harness the strength of supportive communities.
    3. Deliberately reengage with the world around you.

    You are looking for …

    All programs offer a specific value to whatever you, as a guest, is looking for. If you can relate with one or more triggers from below … this program suits your needs.

    • Antidote to stress
    • Gain more clarity and calm
    • Restorative Holiday with focus on body/mind
    • Digital detox
    • Conscious self-care
    • Escape from busy society/citylife

    Rediscover Slow Living....

    • Reconnect to yourself in our beachside retreat, enjoying our luxurious facilities like a fancy pool and sauna located in the palm Jeumeirah.
    • Restore your vitality with nutritious meals, massage therapy, and walking in nature surrounded by the peace and tranquillity of the Beachwaves.
    • Mindfully realign yourself during our gently structured days in the New Life Journey community, with yoga and meditation classes, mindful movement, and community sessions.

    Program Highlights

    1. Peace and Relaxation:
    Enjoy a serene environment and leave the stresses of everyday life behind as you immerse yourself in relaxing activities.

    2. Mindfulness and Meditation:
    Learn techniques to live in the present moment and cultivate inner peace through guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.

    3. Yoga and Stretching:
    Relieve tension in your body and promote flexibility and balance with daily yoga classes and stretching sessions.

    4. Spa and Wellness Treatments:
    Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments such as massages, facials, and therapeutic baths to rejuvenate body and mind.

    5. Healthy Eating and Nutrition Workshops:
    Discover the power of nutrition for a healthy body and a calm mind during nutrition workshops, and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

    What's Included

    Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

  • Arrival in Dubai and transfer to the luxurious 5-star Palm hotel.
  • Welcome gathering and orientation.
  • Relaxing evening activity for acclimatization.

  • Day 2: Inner Peace and Relaxation
  • Morning yoga and meditation to start the day.
  • Workshop on stress reduction techniques.
  • Free time for spa treatments or personal reflection.
  • Guided relaxation session before bedtime.

  • Day 3: Connecting with Nature
  • Nature walk in the surrounding area.
  • Silent hours for reflection and connecting with nature.
  • Outdoor creative workshop (e.g., natural painting or flower arranging).
  • Evening meditation under the starry sky.

  • Day 4: Rejuvenating Body and Mind
  • Morning yoga and breathing exercises.
  • Individual wellness sessions (massage, acupuncture, or therapeutic treatments).
  • Healthy cooking workshop for mindful nutrition.
  • Free time for pool or beach relaxation.

  • Day 5: Self-Care and Personal Development
  • Workshop on self-care and the importance of rest.
  • Personal coaching sessions for growth and development.
  • Creative expression activity (e.g., journaling or mandala drawing).
  • Relaxing evening activity such as a movie night or music therapy.

  • Day 6: Relaxation and Connection
  • Morning yoga and guided meditation.
  • Group activity for team building and connection.
  • Free time for personal exploration of Dubai (optional).
  • Final farewell dinner and gathering.

  • Day 7: Returning Home with Renewed Energy
  • Optional morning activity (e.g., early morning walk or final yoga class).
  • Check-out and transfer to the airport.
  • Return flight to Amsterdam with renewed energy and a sense of inner peace.