Deeply involved with your well-being

Our experienced team of experts in counselling, therapy, mindfulness, health, hospitality, and more are active members of our community. They are deeply committed to the central values and ideals of our mission.


Rania is an enthusiastic serial entrepreneur for the past 9 years and a business coach with a deep passion for work. My journey in the business world is marked by dedication, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

"Passion fuels entrepreneurs' journey, turning challenges into opportunities and dreams into reality."

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Faiza is a passionate Therapist/Coach with over 9 years of experience and a pedagogical background. I specialize in nutrition, supplements, and guiding individuals through traumas (PTSD), relationship matters, life questions, and parenting.

As a Master in burnout/stress treatment, I provide support, aiming to apply and share my knowledge with enthusiasm and ongoing development.

“Inspire and motivate individuals to maximize their potential in their immediate situations”



Rachida is a passionate, enterprising professional with dual skills/7 Years as a Business Coach and Hair artist.

From my experience and expertise in both fields, I have developed a unique combination of strategic insight and artistic creativity.

“Allow yourself to make the change to grow”

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