Relax Program

Feeling like life's rushing by?
Can't seem to hit the brakes?

Constantly in motion, always running from one thing to the next. Without a moment to pause, reflect, and reset, your days blend into one another. In times like these, it's essential to break free from the routine and realign yourself with what truly matters.

What's Included

Sanctuary for busy minds

1. Center yourself by nurturing your body and mind.
2. Harness the strength of supportive communities.
3. Deliberately reengage with the world around you.

You are looking for …

All programs offer a specific value to whatever you, as a guest, is looking for. If you can relate with one or more triggers from below … this program suits your needs.

  • Antidote to stress
  • Gain more clarity and calm
  • Restorative Holiday with focus on body/mind
  • Digital detox
  • Conscious self-care
  • Escape from busy society/citylife

Rediscover Slow Living....

  • Reconnect to yourself in our mountainside retreat, enjoying our luxurious facilities like a heated pool and sauna located in traditional stone quintas.

  • Restore your vitality with nutritious meals, massage therapy, and walking in nature surrounded by the peace and tranquillity of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

  • Mindfully realign yourself during our gently structured days in the New Life community, with yoga and meditation classes, mindful movement, and community sessions

To bring you inner peace

Designed to let you escape from daily stress and routine

Perhaps you already know what you need and are looking for a supportive holistic community in a beautiful setting in which to do it. Alternatively, you may wish to spend time in a mindfulness-based wellness retreat learning more about sustainable self-care and nurturing personal growth.

What's Included

Mountainside retreat with stunning nature and the power of mountains

Walk with wildflowers at your feet, ear springwater running and breathe the Serra Da Estrela pure air.

Included in this Program

Retreat Schedule

Day 1

Arrival and Introduction

  • Arrival at the location
  • Welcome meeting and group introductions
  • Laughter yoga session to kick off the retreat on a positive note
  • Group dinner featuring local cuisine

Day 2

Beach Day and Dance Class

  • Morning yoga on the beach
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Free time at the beach for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation
  • Lunch at a beachside restaurant
  • Dance class on the beach (e.g., salsa, tango, or local dance styles)
  • Free evening to dine at a local restaurant or relax at the accommodation

Day 3

Cultural Outings and Gastronomic Delights

  • Visit to a nearby cultural landmark (e.g., historical town, temple, or market)
  • Lunch featuring local specialties
  • Optional activity such as a cooking class with a local chef
  • Return to the accommodation for free time
  • Evening stroll along the coast followed by a relaxed dinner

Day 4

Laughter Yoga and Leisure Time

  • Morning laughter yoga session to start the day energetically
  • Breakfast
  • Free time for relaxation at the accommodation or optional activities like massages or wellness treatments
  • Lunch
  • Optional excursion or free time
  • Evening activity such as a movie night or beach bonfire

Day 5

Nature Walk and Dance Evening

  • Morning nature walk in the surrounding area
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Free time to relax at the accommodation or optional activities
  • Lunch
  • Dance workshop (e.g., modern dance, Zumba, or improvisation)
  • Free evening to dine and unwind

Day 6

Beach Activities and Culinary Delights

  • Beach activities such as beach volleyball, frisbee, or kayaking (subject to availability)
  • Picnic lunch on the beach
  • Free time for swimming and relaxation
  • Optional activity or free time
  • Group dinner featuring local seafood or other specialties

Day 7

Réflexion and Closure

  • Morning yoga or meditation for reflection
  • Group breakfast
  • Group activity focused on sharing experiences and insights
  • Free time for relaxation or optional activities
  • Closing ceremony or ritual
  • Farewell dinner party to conclude the retreat

Day 8


  • Group breakfast and farewells
  • Departure with renewed energy and fond memories